Growing up in Switzerland, I was taught to knit and sew at an early age. It was one of the few classes in which I always excelled. At 21 a bend in life’s road brought me to the States and for many years fiber art stayed dormant. Twenty years later while living once again in my native country, I started quilting. With queen-sized ambitions I made a bedspread with over 1600 pieces, all sewn and quilted by hand! Only perseverance got me through this four-year project.

Appliquéd wall hangings gave me much more opportunity to be creative and it became a passion. Over the next years three of my works were accepted in international shows.

In Europe, the nineties revolutionized threads and fibers. Specialty shops popped up like mushrooms. The beauty and variety of texture and colors took my breath away! As business took me all over the world, I started collecting yarns, fibers and beads for the simple joy of owning them and relishing the possibilities of future projects.

Once retired, there was no stopping the “fiber seeds” I had planted over the decades of collecting them. I discovered a unique way to create baskets and accessories of various textures. All the childhood years of loving to work with fibers and beads flooded my thoughts and dreams again.

You are now looking at the results of these dreams…